Anemometer With Temperature (RS232 Output) - AM4203

SKU: AM4203


Portable anemometer provides fast and accurate readings with digital readability and remote sensor
Multi-function instrument that measures air flow and air temperature.
Uses a low-friction, ball design for accurate measurement in high and low wind velocities.
Thermocouple sensor for rapid and accurate temperature measurement.
Wide range of measurement units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots and mile/h.
Equipped with microprocessor technology for rapid and accurate measurements.
Dual function display.
Records maximum and minimum readings with Recall function.
Data Hold function.
Auto power off feature.
Large 13 mm LCD display.
RS 232 PC serial interface.
Uses durable and long lasting components enclosed in as strong and light weight ABS plastic housing.


M/s measurement range: 0.4 - 25 m/s
M/s measurement resolution: 0.1 m/s
M/s measurement accuracy: ± (2% + 2d)

Km/h measurement range: 1.4 - 90 km/h
Km/h measurement resolution: 0.1 km/h
Km/h measurement accuracy: ± (2% + 2d)

Mile/h measurement range: 0.9 - 55.9 mile/h
Mile/h measurement resolution: 0.1 mile/h
Mile/h measurement accuracy: ± (2% + 2d)

Knots measurement range: 0.8 - 48.6 knots
Knots measurement resolution: 0.1 knots
Knots measurement accuracy: ± (2% + 2d)

Ft/min measurement range: 80-4930 ft/min
Ft/min measurement resolution: 1 ft/min
Ft/min measurement accuracy: ± (2% + 20 ft/min)

Temperature measurement range and resolution: 0 to 50 C/32 to 122 F x ± 0.1 C/0.1 F
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.8 C/1.5 F

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