Concrete Hygro-i Inspection - CMEXHil

by Tramex
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- CMEXpertII gives instant non-destructive readings in concrete up to 6.9% moisture content.
- Appropriate for flooring, water restoration, inspection/Surveying and other similar applications involving concrete
- Backlit display for easy viewing in low light conditions.
- Use per ASTM 2659.
- Hygro-i NEW reusable NIST traceable relative humidity prob.
- The Hygro-i sensor is fast, accurate, reusable and economical.


- CMEXpertII Digital, Hand-Held, Non-Destructive Concrete Moisture Meter.
- Hole liners and caps (12) Brush Insertion & extraction tool.
- Hygro-i Probes x 3.
- Hygro-i Electronic Interface.
- 75 % RH Calibration Salt Check x 3.
- Infrared surface thermometer.

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