Casella 246 Digital Integrating Sound Level Meter

by Casella
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The CEL-246 is a simple integrating sound level meter that is ideal for use in many situations where a quick idea of the current noise level is needed. It features 2 ranges from 30 to 100 db and 60 to 130 db and provides the standardized A and C broadband frequency weightings required by many protocols. The CEL-246 also has the Slow, Fast and Impulse time responses. A maximum hold function with a user reset is available to capture the highest level of noise to give a "worst case" measurement if needed. 

A standard CEL-246 sound level meter is supplied complete with its fixed microphone, 3 x AA batteries, foam windscreen and wrist strap. Operating instructions for the meter are provided on a cdrom and an individual calibration certificate completes the package. The CEL-246 is covered by a 24 month warranty for peace of mind and full calibration facilities are available from our NIST traceable service department.


 Selectable ranges

 30-100 or 60-130dB

 Noise floor


 Time weightings

 Fast, Slow and Impulse

 Frequency weightings

 A and C

 AC output

 0.85V RMS @ FSD ‘A’ weighted

 (Optional 0-1.3V DC instead of AC can be specified at the time of ordering)

 Operating conditions

 Relative humidity, 5 to 90% (non condensing)

 Temperature, 0 to 40°C
 Atmospheric pressure, 65 to 108kPa

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