CEL-NOISEH&S/K6 Full Kit for Health & Safety Professionals

by Casella
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The CEL-620B2 hand held sound level meter for the measurement of noise exposure as well as the CEL-350, a personally worn rechargeable noise monitor, used to measure the noise exposure of an individual over the working day are included in this kit. Simply transmit the data on your PC with the included software and see the results in one click.
Casella insight data management software provides Health and Safety professionals with a more advanced solution for downloading, managing and reporting exposure data for a variety of occupational hazards.

Rather than using several software applications to download from many instruments, Casella insight allows data to be downloaded and stored into one versatile package. This means that only one application has to be learnt! Data is stored on a centralised database which may be managed by Person, Place or Process criteria. Data can be viewed in tabular or graphical format and analysed as necessary. Uniquely, reports can be generated combining multiple hazards simultaneously. They may be displayed by Person, Place etc as required.

This kit comes with:

- Octave Band Class 2 Sound Level Meter CEL-620B2,
- 1x dBadge CEL-350,
- 1 x 3-way charger CEL-6350,
- Acoustic Calibrator CEL-120/2,
- Kit case,
- Wind shields,
- USB download cables and
- Insight data management software

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