dBadge2PRO kit

by Casella
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The dBadge2 Pro Noise Dosimeter mounts on the worker's shoulder, measuring the noise levels throughout the working day. The dBadge2 Pro has audio recording capability for comparing different recorded sound levels and octave band filters of frequency analysis.


• Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless connectivity
• Audio Notes feature - The dBadge2 PLUS can record up to 15 seconds of voice notes at the start of the measurement.
• Audio Recording - Automatic recording trigger and user settings.
• Airwave App for mobile devices such as phones and tablets
• Octave band filters - Octave Bands split the audible spectrum into bands to provide frequency analysis. Ideal for very high level sounds or tonal noise.
• Multiple 'simulated' dosimeters
• Full colour display
• Motion sensor
• 1 second time history profiling
• Pause function
• Updated & Simplified Casella Insight Plug-in with advanced noise analysis features

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