Digital Logging Integrating Sound Level Meter Type 2 Kit

by Casella
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The CEL-246 is a simple integrating sound level meter that is ideal for use in many situations where a quick idea of the current noise level is needed. This kit includes the CEL-246, CEL-120/2 Calibrator, dB24 Software, Kit case, USB cable and manufacturer's calibration certificate.


• 2 ranges from 30 to 100 db and 60 to 130 db and provides the standardized A and C broadband frequency weightings required by many protocols.
• Slow, Fast and Impulse time responses.
• Maximum hold function with a user reset is available to capture the highest level of noise to give a "worst case" measurement if needed.
• On board storage capability at fixed 1, 2, 5 or 10 second intervals of the average sound level with the selected frequency weighting and time response and exchange rate to provide a low cost data logging instrument.
• Up to 99 runs can be stored each of up to 18 hours maximum continuous run time at the 1 second rate or more than 7 days at the 10 second rate properly labeled with the date and time of recording.
• Results are displayed on a graphic LCD in either alpha numeric format or as a scrolling time history with either 1 or 5 minutes time history graph so that recent peaks and troughs may be viewed. 
• Easy to use calibration function and attachment.
• with a standard quarter inch socket so that it can be mounted on a tripod or other similar fixtures. 
• Comes with a standard, USB connection.
• Kit includes A standard CEL-246 sound level meter is supplied complete with its fixed microphone, 3 x AA batteries, foam windscreen and wrist strap, software and warranty.

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