Hydromette BL Compact TF-IR - 12070

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The BL Compact TF-IR unit has sensors for surface temperature infrared measurements as well as for measuring air temperature, and air relative humidity. This combination of different measuring techniques enables the TF-IR unit to be used for rapid and accurate measurement of dew point undershoots or in measuring borderline conditions on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors and on window or door lintels.

The BL Compact TF-IR also has audible alarm functions that alerts the users when the measured value exceeds the set limits. These limits can easily be made and customized depending on the needs of the user.


• Measuring range (Air humidity): 0 - 100% R.H.
• Measuring range (Temperature): -20 to +70 °C ±0,5 °C (-10 to +60 °C)
• Infrared measuring range: -40 to +380 °C ±0,5 °C (0 to 60 °C), at 0 to 50 °C ambient temperature
• Handy, pocket-sized instrument for quick and easy single and successive measurements
• Simultaneous indication of up to three measured values via a 3-line LCD, with a resolution of 0.1 % or 0.1° C
• Automatic calculation of dew point, the equilibrium moisture content of wood (EMC) *, the indication of moisture content in g/m³, enthalpy in kj/K, wet-bulb temperature in °C and water activity (aw value)
• With built-in laser pointer to indicate the position of the measuring spot and adjustable emissivity from 20 to 100%
• In addition to displaying the measured value, the unit creates an audible signal when a critical surface temperature is detected
• Different alarm sounds that has its own implications that quickly alerts the user of specific problem areas.
• Min / Max and Hold functions for measured values
• USB interface for transferring measured values to a PC on which the optional DIALOG BL+ software is executed (for long-term measurements or process monitoring)
• Storage of the latest 5 readings
• Automatic cut-off of the device
• Length of sensor tube: 250 x Ø 6,5 mm goose neck sensor tube (350 mm sensor tube optional)
• Power supply: 9 V dry cell or Ni-Cd accumulator (optional accessory)
• Size: 175 [L] x 50 [W] x 30 mm [H], weight approx. 150 g
• Total length: approx. 190 mm

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