La Crosse Weather Station with USB connection - WS2355

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New USB connection and cup anemometer.

WS2355 Includes the following items:
- Base receiver station
- Three outdoor sensors : thermo/hygro transmitter, wind and rain sensor
- Optional wired connection for data transfer
- Wireless Weather Station software in CD Rom format for transfer of data to PC
- Computer USB cable and AC/DC power adapter

Features and Specifications
- Display 12/24 hour - Calendar with day / date / month display
- Indoor/Outdoor humidity and temperature
- Total rainfall displayed in mm or inches
- 21 alarm setting (highs and lows)
- Wireless Outdoor transmitter at 433 MHz or by cable link
- Transmission at 433 MHz : 100 metres (in open field)
- Dew point display & recording of Min/Max
- Windchill display & recording of Min/Max
- Forecast: Barometer with icon display & Trend display
- Atmospheric pressure in hPa or inHg measurement
- Wind speed and wind direction km/h, m/s, knots, mph
- Computer connection set included with cable and software

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