Leica Lino ML 180 - LG784338

by Leica

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SKU LG784338

The ML180 is a 90 degree cross line laser level. It has 4 laser lines, 4 cross points and a plumb down point that is conveniently set to the outside of the tool for easy access.

The ML180 features electronic self leveling and remote adjustment of +/- 4 degrees using the laser receiver as a remote control.
- XCR Catch laser: The XCR Catch operates like a remote control and automatically catches the beam with the Smart Targeting function. By holding down the right and left arrow buttons you can spin the ML180 on a horizontal axis of +/- 4 degrees.
- Precise layouts at long distances: The electronic self-leveling automatically compensates for the tool being slightly out of level. This precision eliminates costly errors due to incorrect line projection, which is especially important at longer distances.
- Plumb dot positioning: Using the plumb dot, you can set up the Leica Lino over a desired point. The plumb beam is offset to the corner of the tool. So the Leica Lino ML180 can be quickly and easily set up over markings, including those close to walls.
- Battery life: The Leica Lino ML 180 can be used with a rechargeable battery pack or alkaline batteries. This provides maximum flexibility and ensures that the Leica Lino ML180 is always ready for use. The tool can also be used while being charged.
- Operation range * (with receiver at the center of the line): up to 100 m / 328 ft
- Self leveling accuracy (at 25 C/77 F): 0.7 mm at 10 m / 1/32 in at 30 ft
- Self-leveling range: +- 5 degrees
- Self leveling time: < 10 sec.
- Angular accuracy: 0.2 mm/m
- Laser diode type: 635 nm, laser class 2
- Fan angle: 120 degrees
- Protection: IP54

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