Logging Environmental 1/3 Octave Band Class 1 SLM

by Casella
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The CEL-633C1 is a 1/3 Octave Band Sound Level Type I Meter ideal for testing Occupational and Environmental Noise. This sound level meter is designed to make workplace noise measurements as quick and simple as possible. The displayed information can be made as simple or comprehensive as required and all measurement parameters are stored simultaneously, so no incorrect measurements can be made.


Occupational Noise Measurement

• Workplace noise assessments according to ISO9612
• Selection of hearing protection
• Calculation of noise exposure
• Ensuring compliance with workplace noise legislation

Environmental Noise Measurement

• Boundary noise assessments
• Noise nuisance complaints
• Measurements according to ISO1996, BS4142
• UK Construction Section 61 notices


• Ideal for environmental or occupational monitoring
• Easy to use switch-on-and-go functionality
• Latest digital technology with a high resolution colour TFT display
• Pre-configured setups for occupational and environmental measurements
• Voice notes to annotate measurements
• Single measurement range up to 140dB, no range adjustment required
• Data markers, back erase function and audio recording
• Level triggered events for transient measurements
• Real-time octave measurements
• Simultaneous measurement of all parameters with all frequency and time weightings
• Class 1
• 2GB memory for more than 1 year of data storage
• Removable pre-amp
• Environmental outdoor kit available

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