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This tone generator is a highly practical network installation and troubleshooting tool which features a single/multi tone signal, test leads and a 4 conductor modular cable. The signal emitted by the tone generator can be easily traced by the companion probe, even when cables are in a bundle or hidden in punch down blocks or wall plates. The generator can also be used for checking telephone line polarity and status ie. Ring/Busy/Idle. The probe is equipped with an insulated inductive pick up and will amplify the tone signal to an audible level. A LED is also included as a visual indicator. The probe has a volume control and either indicator can be switched off if desired.

- The tone generator measures 115 (L) x 60 (W) x 30 (D)mm.
- The signal leads are 500mm long and terminated with alligator clips.
- The modular leads is 300mm long and terminated a 4 pin RJ11 plug.
- The probe is 205mm long and approximately 35 (H) x 35 (D)mm.
- Both units operate from a 9 volt batteries (Sold Separately).
Use our Cat. SB- 2423Supplied in a handy protective zip up vinyl case.

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