Noise Sentry Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger - RT-W


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Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger Noise Sentry RT-W is a new generation of WiFi™ enabled smart integrating sound level meter/datalogger. It includes a digital MEMS microphone, an accurate date/time clock, a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory and Wireless connectivity. Running on battery, it can record sound pressure levels and report them through WiFi™ for a week. Connected to an external USB charger it can record and report for months. Its very small size allows it to be attached to or embedded within the monitored equipment.


• WiFi connectivity to report measured levels remotely and automatically at preset intervals.
• WiFi connectivity allows alarm emails on over-level and weak battery events.
• Individual Manufacturer’s Certificate of Calibration from Convergence Instruments provided with every instrument purchased.
• Digital very sensitive MEMS microphone (31 dBA typical noise floor)
• Completely sealed weatherproof enclosure designed for outdoors applications.
• All-digital design.
• Ultra stable sensitivity (field recalibration is easily done, but seldom required)
• Very low sensitivity variation due to temperature changes
• Very low sensitivity to vibrations
• A and C weighting curves.
• Integrating Sound-Level Meter, records L-max, L-min and Leq levels.
• Software function calculates global Leq and/or dose, according to ISO and OSHA methods.
• Adjustable response time.
• Preprogrammed recording start date/time.
• Integrated oscilloscope function that can show the acoustic signal in real time.
• Integrated spectral analyzer function that can show the spectrum (or 3rd-octave bands) in real time.
• Allows the observation of recorded levels while the recording is ongoing.
• Works standalone, or USB connected.
• Long life internal rechargeable battery that recharges from USB and most USB chargers.
• Can be field-calibrated.
• Observes and records 100% of the acoustic signal (no missed samples).
• Editable individual custom ID for easier instrument management.
• All settings are stored in non-volatile memory. So the instrument will regain full functionality and WiFi connection from hard-reset or battery loss.

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