Professional Benchtop pH meter - HI5221-02

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• Highly Customizable User Interface - The user interface of the HI5221 allows the user to show measurements in various modes: basic measurement with or without GLP information, real-time graphing, and logging data. 
• Capacitive Touch - The HI5221 features sensitive capacitive touch buttons for accurate keystrokes when navigating menus and screens. There are four dedicated keys that are used for routine operations including calibration and switching measurement modes and four virtual keys that change based upon use. 
• Choice of Calibration - Automatic buffer recognition, semiautomatic, and direct manual entry pH calibration options are available for calibrating up to five points, from a selection of eight standard buffers and up to five custom buffers.
• GLP Data - The IC-HI5221 includes a GLP Feature that allows users to view calibration data and calibration expiration information at the touch of a key. Calibration data include date, time, buffers /standards used for calibration and slope characteristics. The offset is also displayed for pH electrodes.
• CAL Check- CAL Check alerts users to potential problems during the calibration of the pH electrode. Indicators include -Electrode Dirty/Broken,-Buffer Contaminated-, electrode response time and the overall probe condition as a percentage that is based on the offset and slope characteristics.
• Data Logging - Three selectable logging modes are available on the HI5221: automatic, manual, and AutoHold logging. Automatic and manual logs up to 100 lots with 50,000 records max/lot, with up to 100,000 total data points. Automatic logging features the option to save data according to sampling period and interval.



• pH Range -2.000 to 20.000 pH
• pH Resolution 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 pH
• pH Accuracy (@25ºC/77ºF) ±0.1 pH, ±0.01 pH, ±0.002 pH ±1 LSD
• pH Calibration automatic, up to five point calibration, eight standard buffers available (1.68, 3.00, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01,12.45) and five custom buffers
• pH Temperature Compensation automatic or manual from -20.0 to 120.0 °C


• mV Range ±2000 mV
• mV Resolution 0.1 mV
• mV Accuracy ±0.2 mV ±1 LSD
• Relative mV Offset Range ±2000 mV


• Temperature Range -20.0 to 120.0 ºC, -4.0 to 248.0 °F, 253.15 to 393.15 K
• Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F, 0.1 K
• Temperature Accuracy ±0.2 °C, ±0.4 °F, ±0.2 K
• Electrode/Probe HI1131B glass body pH electrode with BNC connector and 1 m (3.3?) cable (included)
• Temperature Probe HI7662-T stainless steel temperature probe with 1 m (3.3?) cable (included)
• GLP calibration data including date, time, buffers used, offset and slope

Data logging:

• Logging record: 100,000 data point storage, 100 lots with 50,000 records/lot; interval: settable between 1 second and 180 minutes max log time; type: automatic, manual, AutoHold
• Input Channels 1 - pH/ORP
• Display color graphic LCD with on-screen help, graphing, and custom color configuration
• Connectivity USB

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