UV Light Meter With RS232 Interface - UVA365

by Lutron
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Long wave 365 nm ultra-violet irradiance measurement.
Wide measurement range: 199.9 uW/cm^2, 1.999 mW/cm^2 and 19.99 mW/cm^2.
Sensor: photo diode and uva color correction filter
Microporcessor technology ensures rapid and accurate measurements.
Exclusive UVA sensor with correction filter.
Records maximum and minimum readings with Data Hold function
Zero adjustment settings
Large 13 mm LCD display
RS232 PC serial interface.
Encased in a heavy duty, compact housing.

Electricl Specifications:

Range: 199.9 uW/cm^2/1.999 mW/cm^2 /19.99 mW/cm^2
Resolution: 0.1 uW/cm^2/0.001 mW/cm^2/0.01 mW/cm^2
Accuracy: ± ( 2 % FS + 2 dgt)

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