V40A-PRO Wireless WiFi Professional Weather Station

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V40A-PRO La Crosse Technology Wireless WIFI Color Weather Station provides real-time weather data straight from your home or holiday home. The weather station can function as a stand alone station or with the Lacrosse View™ App you may remotely access the weather station's data from your smartphone or tablet. The App enables you to receive alerts and push notifications when user-defined values go above or fall below the desired range.

V40A-PRO Lacrosse Technology monitors the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, "Feels Like" temperature, dew point, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall data, daily high and low temperature records, dynamic forecast icons, and a WIFI connected option, which will allow you to see all of your sensor data in Lacrosse View app.

Weather Station Features

- Indoor/Outdoor temperature and humidity
- Outdoor trend indicators
- Daily High/Low outdoor temperature records
- "Feels Like" and Dew Point temperature
- High and Low records with time stamp
- Dynamic color weather forecast
- Seasonal trees change
- Current and top wind speed data
- Wind direction
- History records with time stamp
- Time Frame select-able rain fall data
- Rainfall history records
- 12/24 hour setting
- Displays day of the week, month, date & year
- Perpetual calendar: date, month, & full day
- Guided settings menu
- Low battery indicator for each included sensor
- 5 settings LCD brightness
- Sensor connection indicator
- Wifi connection indicator
- Wall hanging or adjustable kickstand for free standing option
- Individual ID's for each sensor

La Crosse View APP Features:

- On-the-Go monitoring - view current condition
- View history graphs - Keep track of data and refer back later to specific dates quickly and conveniently.
- Set custom alerts - Set alerts that matter to you.
- Friends and Family - Share information with your friends and family.
- Customize with your own photos - Personalize with your own photos of the locations that matter to you.
- Easy navigation - Swipe easily between devices and locations.
- Easy navigation - Access the quick view to see all your location data in one place.


V40A Base Station Display:
- Indoor temperature range:  0°C to 50°C
- Indoor humidity range: 10% RH to 99%RH
- Included LTV-TH2 Wireless Outdoor Temp/Humidity Sensor
- Outdoor temperature range: -40°C to 60°C
- Outdoor humidity range: 10% RH to 99%RH
- Transmission range: Up to 121 meters in open air
- Transmission frequency: 915 MHz
- Included LTV-WR1 Multi-Sensor (wind/rain combo) sensor
- Wind Speed Range: 0-180 kmh
- Rainfall Range: 0-9999 mm
- Transmission Range: Up to 121 meters in open air, RF 915 MHz
Power Requirements:
- Display: 5.0 Volt 500mA adapter included (Required); Optional 3AA Alkaline batteries backup
- LTV-TH3 Sensor: 2AA Alkaline batteries
- LTV-WR1: 3AA Alkaline batteries
- V40A Base Station Display: 204.47 L x 29.97 W x 144.78 H mm
- LTV-TH2 Sensor: 50.04 L x 19.05 W x 145.54 H mm
- LTV-WR1 Multi-sensor: 180.34 L x 180.34 W x 471.68 H mm

Contents of Packaging:

- V40A Base Station
- LTV-TH2 Outdoor Sensor
- LTV-WR1 Multi-sensor
- User manual

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