Ultrasonic Water Tank Level Meter with Thermo Sensor - XC0331

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Keep an eye on your outdoor water tank from the comfort of your own living room, up to 100m away. Installed at the top of your water tank, the transmitter unit measures the water level and temperature using an ultrasonic sensor. You can hang the receiver unit on a wall (hooks) or pull out the stand and place it on your kitchen bench top, table or desk. View your room's temperature, tank temperature and water level (represented by a 10 element bar graph). You can store min/max records and set alarms for specific water levels (high/low) or when empty.


• Transmission range up to 100m (free field)
• Tank level/depth (0.5m to 15m)
• Air Gap (0.5m min)
• Time display (12/24hr)
• Time alarm mode
• Indoor temp. display (°C/°F)
• Tank temp display (°C/°F)
• Tank level display (metre/feet)
• Water level displayed on a 10 element bar graph
• Min. & Max. records for indoor & tank temp.
• Tank level alarm mode (high/low)
• Tank empty alert
• Low battery indicator
• Tank level updated every 30 seconds or 3 mins
• Wall mount, Free standing
• Battery power: receiver 2 x AA 1.5V (not included), outdoor transmitter: 6 x AAA 1.5V (not included)
• Dimension (Receiver): 106(L) x 97(W) x 24(D)mm
• Dimension  (Sensor - into tank): approx 47(Dia.)mm

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