15 kg FD Series Food Portioning Scale - FD15H

by OHaus
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The OHAUS Food Portioning Scale is a rugged, multi-use portioning scale designed for use in food service applications. Ideally suited for food portioning and checkweighing, the FD Food Portioning Scale combines an easily cleaned design, fast display and high precision load cell.


- All-stainless steel construction
- NSF listed/certified to NSF/ANSI 169-2005 (formerly NSF C-2) and USDA-AMS accepted to NSF/3-A 14159-1; supports HACCP compliance
- Non-H models feature 1:3,000 NTEP certified and Measurement Canada approved resolutions
- Checkweighing mode with 3 LED indicators and audible alarm, percentage weighing mode
- Bright backlit LCD display
- Stable weight display within 2 seconds
- Multiple weighing units including percent weighing, lb, decimal and fractional oz, kg, g, and lb:oz
- Remote tare foot switch connection
- Integrated level bubble and adjustable feet
- Standard AC power adapter and 120-hour internal lead acid rechargeable battery pack
Checkweighing Modes:
- Portioning and Prepackaging With the positive checkweighing mode for packaging, add to the portion on the pan until you reach the weight you need
- Portioning Out of the Box Use the negative checkweighing mode for portioning and pizza making, portioning out of a container on the pan until the required weight is reached
- Sorting & Grading The "zero" checkweighing method is designed for sorting and grading operations, so you can check portions against preset limits
- Quickly Set Targets Target weights can be entered quickly using the dedicated Setpoint key
- Bright LED?s and Buzzer Speed Use Progress against weight targets can be indicated with the three LED's,with indications for Over, Accept and Under with selectable audible buzzer.


- Weight Capacity: 15 kg
- Readability: 1 g
- weighing units: Pound, decimal ounce, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 fractional ounce, gram, kilogram, combined lb:oz display (either decimal or fractional ounces)
- Application Modes: Weighing, Checkweighing, Percent Weighing
- Display: 0.75-in (19mm) high 5-digit, 7-segment backlit blue LCD display
- Display Indicators: Stability, center of zero, tare or net weight, battery status, checkweigh mode
- Checkweighing Indicators: 3 LED (yellow, green, red) with configurable operation and alert beeper
- Keyboard: 4 ? button membrane switch
- Environmental Protection: IP 43
- Tare Range: Full Capacity by Subtraction
- Stabilization Time: < 2 seconds
- Auto-Zero Tracking: Off, 0.5, 1 or 3 divisions
- Overload Capacity: 150% of capacity
- AC Power: 9 VDC 0.5A AC Wall Adapter100-120 V AC, 50/60 Hz
- Battery: Internal rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery with 120 hours continuous use
- Calibration: User-selectable external span or linearity calibration
- Operating Temperature and Humidity Range: 14? to 104?F / -10? to 40?C, 10 to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing
- Pan Size: 8.2 x 8.2 in / 209 x 209 mm

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