308-1412-3TX La Crosse Weather Station with 3 Remote Sensors

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Multi-functional station shows you temperature and humidity indoors, as well as up to 3 additional rooms. Displays a smiley face for comfortable room climate or frowny face for uncomfortable levels inside your home. From the garage to the attic, let the wireless technology leave you in comfort knowing room conditions elsewhere. Battery operated (not included) and 100m wireless range from wireless transmitting sensors.


- Indoor temperature (F/C)
- Indoor humidity (%RH) with comfort indicator icon
- Comfort Indicator Smiley Face Icon: Temperature: 19 C to 25 C
- Comfort Indicator Sad Face Icon if outside of 40% to 60% humidity range
- MIN/MAX temperature & humidity records
- Temperature & humidity trend indicators
- 12/24 hour manual set
- Atomic signal reception icon
- Calendar: month, day, date
- Low battery indicator
- Sensor signal strength indicator



- Indoor temperature range: 0 C to 50 C
- Indoor humidity range: 10%-99% (%RH)

Included TX141TH-BCH Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor:

- Outdoor temperature range: -40 C to 60 C
- Outdoor humidity range: 10%-99% (%RH)
- Transmission range: Up to 100m open air
- Transmission frequency: 433 MHz

Power Requirements:

- Display: 2 "AAA" Alkaline batteries
- Sensor: 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries


- Display: 15.70 L x 4.22 W x 11.93 H cm
- Sensor: 4 L x 2 W x 13 H cm

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