dBalert Vibrating Personal Noise Activated Warning Unit

by Castle

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dBAlert! activates only when the noise exceeds a pre-set level, warning exposed workers that noise levels have become dangerous and to put on their ear-defenders. Perhaps more importantly for the employee, this means that they will also know when they can legally take them off!

Being of rugged construction, dBAlert is suitable for most industrial situations. It comes complete with a pocket clip and the membrane keypad means that integrity and simplicity of use are maintained.

dBAlert! also includes a vibrating alert , which gives the wearer the added warning of a mobile phone style vibrating alert to bring attention to the fact that dangerous noise levels have been exceeded.


- Measuring Range: 80 dB to 103dB; Trip level selectable from 80dBA to 95dBA in 5dB steps
- Trip Time: 30 seconds
- Controls: Power on/off switch/Power 'on' indicator
- Detector: Characteristic: Averaging
- Frequency Weighting: 'A' in accordance with IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 2
- Time Response: Slow response (1000 mS)
- Microphone: Built in Castle electret microphone
- Batteries: 2 x MN2400 (AAA) Alkaline or NiMH Re-chargeable Batteries
- Battery Life: Duracell ProCell Alkaline Batteries: >50 hours (Dependant on environment Noise Levels)
- Warning LED: 1 x Ultra-Bright, LED, software controlled
- Vibrating Alert: Mobile phone style vibration motor for tactile warning (approx 150Hz)
Simultaneous to LED warning.

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