Digital Oxygen Meter - DO5510HA

by Lutron
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- The polarographic type oxygen probe with an incorpo- rated Temp. sensor,high precision measurement for Dissolved Oxygen(DO),Oxygen in air(O2) & Temp. measurement.
- Heavy duty dissolved oxygen probe,probe head can connect with BOD bottle.
- Automatic Temp. compensation from 0-50 Centidegree sensor probe.
- Build in "%SALT" & "Mountain Height" compensation adjustment button.
- Microprocessor circuit assures high accuracy and provides special functions and features.
- Multi-display,show oxygen & Temp. at the same time. Records Maximum,Minimum and average readings with RECALL, data hold.
- Auto power off saves battery life.Powered by 006P DC 9V battery.
- Build in temperature, F degree measurement.
- Use the durable, long-lasting components, including a heavy duty & compact ABS- plastic housing case.


- Circuit: Custom one-chip of microprocessor LSI circuit. Display: Dual function meter's display, 13 mm(0.5").
- Super larger LCD display with contrast adjustment for best viewing angle.
- Measurement range
- Dissolved Oxygen: 0-20.0 mg/L(liter)
- Oxyger in Air: 0-100.0 %
- Temperature: 0-50 centidegree
- Resolution (Dissolved Oxygen): 0.1 mg/L(liter)
- Resolution (Oxyger in Air): 0.1 % O2
- Resolution (Temperature): 0.1
- Accuracy (Dissolved Oxygen): 0.4 mg/L(liter)
- Accuracy (Oxyger in Air): 0.7 % O2
- Accuracy (Temperature): 0.8C/1.5F
- Sensor Structure: The polarographic type oxygen probe with an incorporated temperature sensor.

Probe Compensation & Adj.

- Temperature: 0-50 centidegree automatic
- Salt: 0-39 % Salt
- Height(M.T.): 0-3900 meter
- Memory Recall: Records Max,Min and Ave rea

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