Force Gauge 100kg Full Scale - FG6100SD

by Lutron
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100 kilograms weight capacity
Can measure in grams, pounds or Newton
Data record mode for Normal and Peak Hold mode
Normal Hold record mode: sampling time 1 seond to 8 hours
Peak Hold record mode: 10 ms to 500 ms
Memory capacity of normal record mode: 1 GB to 16 GB
Memory capacity Peak Hold record mode: 1000 data recordings
Peak Hold function (Max load) can be held in display during testing
Full capacity zero (tare) control capability
Positive or reverse display direction select
Microprocessor circuit and exclusive load cell transducer
Overload protection feature
Fast/slow response option button
RS-232 computer interface
Recorded weight readings can be downloaded and directly convertred to Excell format
Large 16 mm LCD display


Measurement capacity: 100 kilograms/44.10 lb/196.10 Newton
Measurement resolution: 0.02 kilogram/0.02 lb/0.2 Newton
Accuracy: ± ( 0.5 % + 2 digit ), within 23± 5 C.
Minimum display: 0.15 Kg/0.35 lb/1.4 Newton

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