Pocket UV Light Meter - UV340A

by Lutron
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Accurate, precise, high quality UV meter

Ultra-violet irradiation measurement for UVA and UVB

UV detector spectrum from 290 nm to 390 nm

Wide measurement range: 19990 and 1999 uW/cm^2.

Exclusive UV sensor structure with cosine correction filter.

Build Zero button

Uses a microprocessor for rapid and accurate measurement and performance

Separate UV light probe

Made from durable, high quality materials encased in a sturdy housing case


Display: 18 x 45 LCD screen

Measurement ranges: 1999 uW/cm^2 x 1 uW/cm^2 and 19990 uW/cm^2 x 10 uW/cm^2

Accuracy: ± (4 % FS + 2 dgt )

Operating temperature: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius

Operating Humidity: Less than 85% R.H.

Power supply: DC 9V battery, 006P, MN 1604 (PP3) or equivalent.

Size: 131 x 70 x 25 mm

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