Temperature/Humidity Weather Station - XC0412


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SKU XC0412
A desktop weather station for temperature and humidity connected to an outdoor remote transmitter. With LCD display and amber backlight. Range of 30-50 meters.

The console unit has a high contrast 125(diagonal) x 70(W) mm monochromatic display with a pleasant amber backlight. It also has an alarm with snooze function, and the ability to have 3 sensors transmitting data to the display unit for monitoring 3 environments at once, such as your garage, kids room or pantry.
- Large time display
- Date/Day alarm time
- Moon phase
- Indoor/Outdoor Temperature/Humidity
- Limited weather forecast
- Requires 2 x AA batteries
- Active display area measures 125 (diagonal) x 70(W)mm
- Up to 3 sensors work at once with the main console for monitoring in more than one location

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