Add-on board allowing RS485 communication - S43-RS485

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The S43-RS485 is an accessory to the PanelPilotACE range and is compatible with the 4.3” PanelPilotACE display module (SGD 43-A). The S43-RS485 mounts on the rear of the SGD 43-A and provides a 3 wire RS485 interface as well as an optional 120Ω terminator.

This device can be connected to via the A (Data+), B (Data-) and GND pins and provides half duplex communication.

The software currently supports ASCII based serial communication as well as the MODBUS (RTU) protocol. More protocols are being added.


- Receiver Output High Voltage: Vcc-0.6 (4.4V)
- Receiver Output Low Voltage: 0.17 Typical (0.4 Maximum)
- Input Current (V = 12V): 80uA Typical (125uA Maximum)
- Input Current (V=-7V): 50uA Typical (-100uA Minimum)
- Max Data Rate: 20Mbps
- A/B Voltage Absolute Maximum: -8V - +13V
- Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40 C

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