Bridge101A Strain Gauge Recorder - BRIDGE101

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Note: The IFC200 Interface is a required purchase for this device. 

The Bridge101A Data Logger measures and records voltage, typically used in conjunction with strain gauges, load cells or other low-level DC voltage sources. This device is designed to accurately measure and record the output of the gauge to determine parameter levels such as stress, torque, strain, and pressure on a structure or item over a period of time.

Available in three different measurement ranges (±30 mV, ±160 mV or ±1200 mV), the Bridge101A offers a reading rate of up to 4 Hz with memory capacity of 1,000,000 readings (memory wrap optional). The device can be configured to start at a specified date and time up to 24 months in advance and the push button start/stop feature allows the user to initiate or cease logging data in the field if desired.


- Multiple Start/Stop Function
- Ultra High Speed Download
- 1 Million Reading Storage Capacity
- Memory Wrap
- Battery Life Indicator
- Optional Password Protection
- Programmable Alarm
- Field Upgradeable



±30 mV

±150 mV

±1000 mV

Measurement Range

±30 mV

±160 mV

±1200 mV


1 µV

5 µV

50 µV

Calibrated Accuracy

±0.01% FSR; ±3 Microvolts

±0.01% FSR; ±16 Microvolts

±0.01% FSR; ±120 Microvolts

Input Range

0 to 2.5V

0 to 2.5 V

0 to 2.5 V

Reference Voltage

2.5 V

2.5 V

2.5 V

Reading Rate

4Hz to 1 every 24 hours


1,000,000 readings; software configurable memory wrap

330,000 readings in multiple start/stop

Wrap Around


Start Modes

Immediate start

Delay start up to 24 months

Multiple pushbutton start/stop

Stop Modes

Manual through software

Timed (specific date and time)

Multiple Start/Stop Mode

Start and stop the device multiple times without having to download data or communicate with a PC.

Multiple Start/Stop Mode Activation

1. To start the device: Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the green LED will flash during this time. The device has started logging.

2. To stop the device: Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the red LED will flash during this time. The device has stopped logging.

Real Time Recording

The device may be used with PC to monitor and record data in real time

LED Functionality

1. Green LED blinks: 10 second rate to indicate logging 15 second rate to indicate delay start

2. Red LED blinks: 10 second rate to indicate low battery and/or full memory 1 second rate to indicate an alarm condition

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