Glass Body ORP Electrode with Quick Connect DIN Connector - HI36183

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The HI36183 is a glass body, refillable, single junction ORP electrode with a built-in temperature sensor and a quick connect DIN connector. This type of connector is proprietary to specific meters such as the HI98190.

The HI36183 ORP electrode has a single ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and the ORP sensing pin is made of platinum. This design consideration is ideal for laboratories and general purpose oxidation reduction reaction measurements.
- Platinum Sensing Pin: The HI36183 ORP sensor is made with platinum. An ORP sensor must be chemically inert; it cannot be oxidized or reduced itself. It must also have the proper surface characteristics to promote rapid electron exchange, a property known as high exchange current density. Two noble metals have proven to work well for this purpose: pure platinum and pure gold are both used in the construction of ORP sensors. The platinum sensor is often preferred because it is mechanically simpler and safer to produce. Platinum can be welded to glass and has a similar thermal coefficient.
- Glass Body: The glass body is ideal for laboratory use. The glass is resistant to many harsh chemicals and is easily cleaned. The glass body also allows for a fast transfer of heat to the internal reference electrolyte. The mV generated by the reference cell is temperature dependent. The faster the equilibrium the steadier the reference potential.
- Single Ceramic Junction: The outer junction of an electrode, also known as a salt bridge, is necessary component of the electrical circuit. The movement of ions must flow through the junction for a steady reading. The outer reference has a single ceramic frit. The ceramic is a porous material that is easily fused with the glass body and has a similar expansion coefficient. A single ceramic junction has a flow rate of 15-20 ?L/hour.
- Refillable: The HI36183 is a refillable probe. Since it is a single junction ORP electrode the fill solution is the HI7071 3.5M KCl + AgCl. If using a refillable ORP electrode, the fill cap should be removed prior to measurement. Removing the cap creates positive head pressure in the reference cell allowing for higher flow rate of electrolyte through the outer junction. A higher flow rate will result in a faster and more stable reading.
- Quick Connect DIN Connector: The HI36183 uses a Quick Connect DIN connector that makes attaching and removing the probe simple and easy. This type of connector is proprietary to the meter. See specifications table for compatible meters.
- Measurement Range (ORP): +/- 2000 mV
- Reference Cell Type: single, Ag/AgCl
- Junction Type/Flow Rate: ceramic, single / 15-20 ?L/h
- Refill Electrolyte: 3.5M KCl + AgCl
- Body Material: glass
- Tip / Shape: platinum pin
- Matching Pin: no
- Max. Pressure: 0.1 bar
- Temperature Operating Range: -5 to 70 C (23 to 158 F)
- Temperature Sensor: yes
- Cable: 5-pole; 1 m (3.3')
- Connector Type: quick connect DIN
- Amplifier: yes


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