Hydromette BL Compact - 12010

by Gann
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The BL Compact is an electronic moisture meter used for different kinds of wood as well as for soft building materials and insulating materials.

The pins are pressed into the respective material and enable precise measurements of the moisture content in sawn timber, chipboard, veneer and fiberboard materials up to a maximum thickness of 25 mm as well as normal gypsum or mixed plasters.

After the measurements. the minimum and maximum values can be accessed in the memory storage depending on the building material. The device is delivered fully equipped with battery, extra pins, protective cap and plastic box.


• Measuring range (Wood) - 6 - 25 % moisture content
• Measuring range (Building Materials): 0.4 - 6.0 % of dry weight
• Handy, pocket-sized instrument for quick and easy single and successive measurements
• Direct indication of wood moisture and structural moisture in % of dry weight (mass weight percent) via a 3-line LCD, resolution: 0.1 % or 0.1° C
• 4-step correction of wood species
• Direct readings for 3 types of building materials and 2 types of insulating materials
• Min / Max and Hold functions for measured values
• Indication of the device's temperature/ambient temperature
• Automatic cut-off of the device

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