Industrial USB temperature data logger with extended temperature range - EL-USB-1-PRO

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* -40 to +125C (-40 to +257F) measurement range
* Stainless steel (316 grade) construction
* Environmental protection to IP67
* USB interface for setup and download
* Supplied with high capacity battery and control software

The EL-USB-1-PRO data logger measures and stores up to 32,510 temperature readings over the -40 to +125C (-40 to +257F) measurement ranges. The logger is housed in a stainless steel case to protect the logger from corrosion, impact and moisture (to IP67). A long life lithium battery is included which allows logging for up to 2 years.

Initial configuration of the data logger is done with Lascar's EL-WIN-USB software running on Windows (compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10).

The user can easily set up the logger and view downloaded data by plugging the device into a PC's USB port and using the supplied software. Data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications.

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