Kestrel Meter 1000 Wind Meter

by Kestrel
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The Kestrel 1000 is the ultimate portable tool for accurately measuring wind speed in any outdoor conditions.A simple, yet incredibly useful base model weather meter that is highly portable and completely waterproof, the Kestrel 1000 is a reliable and accurate pocket-sized meter that is easy to use and dependable.Offering much more functionality than most standard base models, the Kestrel 1000 is an affordable option for outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists who rely on accurate wind speed information for their favorite activities, yet who don’t require the bells and whistles of the more advanced meters.The Kestrel 1000 effortlessly measures wind speed by using high quality components and a smart design that offers the latest in wind speed tracking technology.For those who have never used a wind speed meter before or who have a limited budget, the Kestrel 1000 gives you all the functionality you need at an affordable price.


The Kestrel 1000 includes a hard slide-on case, a handy lanyard and a long-lasting battery.This standalone meter is perfect for those who have never used a portable weather meter before and those who are simply looking for a few key measurements.The Kestrel 1000 is based on the original pocket wind meter developed in 1995, and has since been redesigned with the same reliable functionality that users have come to depend on.The latest Kestrel 1000 model was developed with additional features, including a durable protective cover and a large display that is visible in bad conditions for maximum usability.After over 15 years on the portable weather meter market, the Kestrel 1000 is still one of the most reliable meters for accurately measuring:


·Wind speed

·Maximum wind gust

·Average wind speed


A powerful, yet easy to operate pocket weather meter, the Kestrel 1000 includes a patented user-replaceable impeller that can be easily replaced if the impeller becomes worn or damaged.The Kestrel 1000 also features a wide operating range anda quick response external temperature sensor for increased accuracy.


The Kestrel 1000 is the perfect option for those who want a multi-functional pocket wind meter that can be used in sailing and boating, in aviation, construction and anywhere that requires accurate wind measurements.The user friendly design combined with powerful functionalitymakes measuring wind with the Kestrel 1000 the only way to get the most accurate readings.


The Kestrel 1000 is made in the USA with high quality parts and professional workmanship that results in a rugged, durable weather meter that goes everywhere you go.With helpful accessories designed specifically for the Kestrel 1000, including the Kestrel Portable Vane Mount, the Kestrel Tripod for stationary use and a handy carrying case, the Kestrel 1000 weather meter is a durable and powerful tool to have out in the field, no matter where your adventures take you.


Features of the Kestrel 1000

  • Current Wind Speed
  • Average Wind Speed
  • Maximum Wind Gust
  • Protective cover with sure-grip overmolding
  • Data hold function
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Waterproof and floats
  • Patented user-replaceable impeller
  • Wide range of wind speeds and low startup speed
  • Reliable, portable, and easy to use

Every Kestrel 1000 Includes

  • A slip-on protective cover
  • Neck lanyard
  • CR2032 coin cell battery (Average life 300 hours)

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