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The WEATHERmeter is a miniature weather station you use with your smartphone to collect real-time wind, temperature, humidity and pressure readings. Readings are recorded and displayed directly in the Wind Meter app and many other compatible apps.

The WEATHERmeter can measure:

- Wind speed (avg, gust, apparent, true)
- Wind Direction (magnetic and true)
- Crosswind and headwind/tailwind
- Temperature and relative humidity
- Pressure and dew point
- Heat index, wind chill, etc.

Other features:

- Plugs into 3.5mm audio jack
- Built with wireless, Bluetooth 
- Can be held as a hand held device or mounted on a 1/4-20 camera mount
- Compatibility: iOS 7.x, iOS 6.x, iOS 5.x/Android 2.3, 3.2, 4

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