LCD Voltmeter with White Digits on a Black Background - DPM 750S-EB-W

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The DPM 750S-EB features an enhanced black LCD and 200mV d.c. measurement range with auto-zero and auto-polarity and seven different colour options for the backlight. Decimal points are user selectable.

The meter features a negative rail generator which enables the meter to measure a signal referenced to its own power supply GND. A low drift bandgap reference circuit ensures accurate readings over a wide temperature range. Enhanced contrast negative mode LCD with white LED backlighting ensures excellent readability under low light conditions. The module’s integral window format means it will suit both high and low volume applications. This module is supplied with a plastic mounting bezel.

The DPM 750S-EB backlighting is available in seven different options. These include white, red, orange, magenta, yellow, green and blue. When ordering online use the drop-down menu to select your preference.


• 12.7mm (0.5”) Digit Height
• 200mV D.C. Full Scale Reading
• 5V D.C. Operation
• Auto-zero and Auto-polarity
• Enhanced black LCD with LED Backlighting

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