LeWL Wind Data Logger with Wind Speed/Direction Sensor - LeWL-PRO

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The LeWL stand alone wind speed logger comprises of two digital channels of contact closure from an anemometer, an analogue channel for measuring wind direction from a potentiometer style vane and ability to input an external NTC sensor

The unit is fully configurable to select between one or two simultaneous anemometer readings with changeable conversion factor to calculate wind speed. The wind direction readings are temporally stored in 16 bins (i.e.: NNW, SSE).


- Average, standard deviation and Gust wind speeds recorded every 1 minute or 10 minutes
- Two anemometers input to measure at different heights (wind shear, turbulence...)
- Time series data recorded on Industrial grade SD card.
- Spreadsheet and Java program to create reports for Frequency distribution and wind roses
- Rugged design IP65 enclosure
- Low power consumption, runs on alkaline batteries
- Data stored as CSV files (spreadsheet)
- Recording interval: 1 minute or 10 minutes
- OTR: -15’C to +50’C
- Communications: RS232 compatible

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