Light Meter, LCD Display with Bar Graph, 4 Light Type Selection - LX1118

by Lutron
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Five ranges: 40,00/400.0/4,000/40,000/400,000 Lux

High resolution: 0.01 Lux to 100 Lux, 0.01 Ft-cd to 10 Ft-cd.

Selection of lightning type (Tungsten, Fluorescent, Sodium or Mercury).

Sensor used the exclusive photo diode and color correction filter

Standard sensor cosine correction factor

Separate light sensor allows user to measure the light at an optimum position.

Lux and Foot-candle unit selection

Large LCD display with bar graph and indicator

Water resistance front panel

Microprocessor circuit ensures high accuracy and also provides special functions and features

LSI circuit provides high reliability and durability

Zero adjusting button

Data hold function

Memory function to display the maximum and minimum display value with recall

Auto power off or manual power off

Compact size and excellent operation.

Built-in low battery battery indicator.

RS-232 computer serial data output

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