LogEt 8 BLE Multi-use PDF Temperature Data Logger

by Elitech
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LogEet 8 BLE Data Logger is a reusable temperature data logger with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It has a high accurate temperature sensor that provides more precise temperature readings and complete visibility during cold chain transport.

With combinations of wireless Bluetooth technology, Elitech app and Elitech Cloud, customers can not only view data logger remotely without open packages but also can program the logger including start/stop mode, alarm mode, high/low alarm thresholds, password protections, temperature unit, etc. on your mobile device.

Customers could easily download temperature data through USB connection or using Elitech app to remotely access the encrypted PDF report that including all recording statistics like logger info, Max/Min/MKT, graph and tabular list, alarm info including five alarm ranges, etc. Customers can not only share report to e-mail. social software and other apps,but also extract report anytime once it uploaded to Elitech Cloud. LCD on data logger also provide running status, alarm info and temperature statistics. Customers with multiple data loggers, can also view or download data remotely in bulk and provides flexible operations.


- Monitor temperatures thorough storage, logistics, transport and packages.
- Download data outside the package.
- Bluetooth access data on mobile device.
- Personalize logging interval, five high/low alarm ranges.
- Save and upload data to Elitech Cloud for further access.
- Bluetooth technology, one-click pairing*, easy to connect, program, download and manage on your Elitech app.
- Enable password protection function to obtain encrypted PDF report for view and share.
- All data can be uploaded and saved automatically via Elitech app to your account for backups.


- Logging Options: Multi-Use
- Measurement Range: -30 to 70
- Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5(-20 to 40 C);+/- 1.0(other range)
- Temperature Resolution: 0.1 C
- Data Capacity: 16,000 points
- Shelf Life/Battery: 2 years’/ER14250 3.6V lithium battery
- Logging Interval: 10 minutes(standard, others on request)
- Startup Mode: Button or software
- Stop Mode: Button, software or stop when full
- Waterproof Rating: IP65
- Certifications: EN12830, CE, RoHS
- Validation Certificate: Hardcopy
- Software: PDF
- Report Generation: Automatic PDF report
- Password Protection: Optional on request
- Connection Interface: USB 2.0, A-Type
- Alarm Configuration: Optional, up to 5 points
- Reprogrammable: With APP on the phone only
- Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 19 mm (LxWxH)
- Weight: 60g

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