pH Meter With Temperature - PH207HA

by Lutron
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High quality pH meter with temperature meter.
Can measure pH, temperature and mV
Temperature measurement can be selected with just a touch of a button.
Built-in SLOPE (PH 4) and CAL (PH 7) calibration VR on the front panel for single or dual point calibration.
Equipped with microprocessor technology to ensure rapid and accurate measurements.
Dual function meter display for both pH and temperature.
The instrument has a built-in mV (milli volt) measuring function for making ion-selective, ORP and other precise mV measurements.
Manual or automatic temperature compensation feature for pH measurement.
Records maximum, minimum and average readings with Recall function.
Data Hold function to freeze desired value on display.
Auto-shut off feature to conserve battery life.
Heavy duty instrument encased in a durable ABS plastic casing.


Circuit Custom one-chip microporcessor LSI circuit
Display Dual function, 13 mm LCD screen
Measurement range pH: 0 to 14 pH
  mV: 0 to 1999 mV
  Temperature: 0 to 65 Celsius (32 to 150 F)
Input impedance 10^12 ohms
Temperature compensation Manual: 0 to 100 C
  Automatic: Available through separate probe
Compatible pH electrode Any combination pH electrode with BNC 
Power supply Heavy duty type, 006P DC 9V or equivalent
Dimension 185 x 78 x 38 mm


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