Photo Contact Tachometer - DT2268

by Lutron
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High precision instrument that is both a photo tachometer and contact tachometer.
Can measure RPM and (RPM, m/min., Ft/min.).
0.1 RPM resolution for the measured value < 1000 RPM.
Memory recall function for last value, maximum value and minimum values.
Laser light beam for photo tachometer
Created with microcomputer-LSI circuit technology, with crystal time base, for rapid and accurate readings.
Built with durable and long lasting components, encased in a strong and light-weight ABS plastic housing.


Photo Tachometer measurement range: 5 to 99,999 RPM.
Photo Tachometer detecting distance: 50 to 500 mm.
Photo Tachometer laser light source: Less than 1 mW/Class 2 laser diode, red wave length is 645 nm.
Contact Tachometer measurement range: 0.5 to 19,999 RPM.
Surface speed range: m/min - 0.05 to 1,999.9 M/min; Ft/min - 0.2 to 6,560 Ft/min.
Large 60 mm x 30 mm LCD screen.
Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA (UM-3 ) batteries.
Dimension: 215 x 65 x 38 mm

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