Ripening Goods Data Logger with Alarms - No Software Required (Pack of 10)

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The EL-PDF-1-003 data logger comes with pre-configured alarms for use with Ripening Goods - simply press the Start button to begin logging. The LEDs give a quick status update and show whether the temperature has exceeded an alarm condition at any point.

When a logging session is finished, simply tear open the waterproof wallet to reveal the USB connector and plug into your PC. The logger will then automatically generate a PDF report that you can save to your PC. The "Plug and Play" functionality and compact, lightweight design of this logger make it ideal for logistics use.
- Measurement Range (Temperature): -30 to +60 C (-22 to +140 F)
- Alarms (High): 14 C
- Alarms (Low): 12 C
- Accuracy (overall error): +- 0.5 C (+- 1 F)
- Battery life: 12 months (minimum)
- IP Rating: IP67 (when in its plastic wallet or EL-CC-BAG)
- Readings: 32,600

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