FlashCheck Min-Max Alarm Digital Thermometer

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The 12217 is an economical and convenient quality assurance tool for continuous monitoring of temperature controlled environments or for spot checking specific areas.
The stereo jack gold plated sensor cable ensures accurate and reliable temperature readings. The min/max memory stores the lowest and highest readings for instant recall.
Alarms are alerted with an audible and/or visual alarm. It features a fast-responding stainless steel probe with a 10 foot (3 meter) durable cable that detaches from the base unit for easy installation.
- Measuring range from -50 C to 70 C (-58 F to 158 F)
- Highly accurate up to +/- 0.5 C (+/- 1 F)
- High/low alarm settings
- Display Resolution: 0.1 C/F
- Display Reading Update: 17 seconds
- Display Size (WxL): 49mm x 53 mm (1.92 x 2.08 in)
- Instrument Size (WxLxD): 76 x 95 x 19 mm (2.99 x 3.74 x 0.74 in)
- Minimum/Maximum memory stores lowest/highest readings
- Stereo jack gold plated connector reduces faulty readings
- Jumbo LCD
- Switchable C/F scale
- Thermistor sensor
- Blunt probe sensor with 10 foot (3 meter) strain resistant cable
- Strong magnetic attachment and fold-away stand
- Retains settings during battery swap
- Configurable delay alarms with audible buzzer and/or flashing light
- More than 1 year of continuous monitoring
- Certification / Calibration CE mark, NIST traceable, RoHS, WEEE

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