HACCP Food Infrared Thermometer (up to 330 Deg C) - TCT303F

by Zytemp
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Note: The Infrared Thermometers on Electric Burst are Not Suitable for Use with Humans

The Food Grade Dual Infrared is an easy to use thermometer for measuring the temperature of food. With its built-in probe, this thermometer is the perfect item for those who need to know the exact temperature of the item that they are cooking.

The inclusion of go or no go lights makes this thermometer one of the easiest ways to quickly determine whether or not your food is safe to eat. The one second response time also provides almost instantaneous results, enabling you to leave your stove on without wasting energy.


- Built-in, retractable probe
- One second response time
- Splash Proof (IP65)
- Dual display


- Measures temperatures from -55 to 250°C
- Go or no go feature that alerts you if your food is above 4°C or less than 60°C
- Infrared range of IR -55 to 250°C
- Probe range of -55 to 330°C

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