Waterproof Infrared & Probe Thermometer - 0560-1040

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Note: The Infrared Thermometers on Electric Burst are Not Suitable for Use with Humans

The 0560-1040 combines an Infrared non-contact temperature measurement with a fold out probe for core temperature measurements. It is ideal for use in all sorts of applications within the food sector and being HACCP Compliant makes it the ideal food safety thermometer. It will allow you to scan surface temperatures of individual foods or incoming boxes and pallets with ease. If you need to probe into a product to ensure the temperature is consistent throughout you can do so utilising the fold out probe. 

-  Precise 2-point laser with 10:1 optics
-  High-quality, robust folding joint
-  Waterproof (IP65) and HACCP-compliant
- Comes with Batteries and Calibration Conformity Certificate

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