PT100 Waterproof Thermometer with Probe - C370

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The C370 is waterproof rated to IP67, and it provides a higher calibre of performance than similarly priced thermocouple thermometers. Primarily used for quality control and research, the C370 can quickly and accurately measure temperatures ranging from -100C to 300C.

The inclusion of a backlit LCD display and stainless temperature probe makes the C370 especially easy to use in the field. The inclusion of memory retention for maximum, minimum and average temperatures makes the C370 an especially useful reference tool in a control lab.

The auto power off features helps to conserve battery life, and the battery life indicator will ensure that you are not left without a working thermometer in the middle of a measurement. Temperatures can easily be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit.


• Records the minimum, maximum and average temperatures
• LCD display with a back light
• PT100, PT500 and PT1000 selectable
• PT100 Stainless Probe with handle included
• Waterproof rating of IP67


• Temperature range of -100C to 300C
• Sampling rate of two per second
• Accuracy rating of +-0.5C + 0.1% of reading
• Power requirements: Three AAA batteries
• Dimensions: 150 mm x 63 mm x 31 mm

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