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Use the Heat/Cool Cooking Thermometer to view desired internal cooking temperature without ever opening the oven door. This thermometer removes all the guesswork because an alarm beeps when the pre-set temperature has been reached.

The thermometer will also track the cooling rate of foods to ensure proper cool down temperatures. This thermometer comes with 2.5-feet heat-resistant Teflon extension cable and 6.5in rugged stainless steel probe that measures up to 392°F!


• Fully automated time/temperature monitoring for food cool down
• Programmable time/temperature settings, 3 zones
• Confirms less than 6 hour total cool down time for food safety and compliance with FDA Food Code 3-501.14 (A,B)
• Audible alarm if food exceeds time in temperature danger zone
• New "Auto-Calibration" feature
• Uses ice bath reference solution
• Count down or count up timer for cooking and cooling
• Audible alarms for PASS/FAIL notification and unattended operation
• Easy to clean heat resistant Teflon® wire and waterproof probe
• HACCP Compliant tool
• Includes removable mounting cradle


• Measurement Range: 32°F to 338°F (0°C to 170°C)
• Operating Range (base unit): -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)
• Accuracy: 0°F to 275°F ± 1.8°F (0°C to 135°C ±1.0°C); 275°F to 302°F ± 2.7°F (135° to 150°C ±1.5°C)
• Probe: 6.5" (17cm) stainless steel, reduced tip. Detachable
• Probe Wire: 30" (76cm) heat-resistant Teflon
• Timer: Up to 23 hr 59 min. in count up or down modes
• Body: ABS plastic
• Resolution: 0.1°(F or C)
• Certification: CE, factory calibrated to NIST standards, RoHS compliant

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