Hydromette BL Compact B2 - 12030

by Gann
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The BL Compact B is an electronic building moisture indicator for non-destructive measurement of moisture in building materials. The Hydromette uses the dielectric constant measuring / high frequency principle using a flexible ball probe can be used for the detection of moisture in all kinds of building materials. It is also suitable for checking the dispersion of moisture in walls, ceilings and floors.

The Hydromette has an audible alarm function when measured values exceed the assigned limit. These limits for the building materials are set individually and can easily be modified to fit the standards of different work sites. The "hold"-function enables easier measurement and added utility. 


• Measuring range: 0.3 - 6.0 % of dry weight/0.3 - 4.0 % CM
• Handy, pocket-sized instrument for quick and easy single and successive measurements
• Direct Indication of moisture content in % by weight and in %-CM via a 3-line LCD, resolution: 0.1 %
• Direct readings for 7 types of building materials and 2 types of insulating materials as well as indication for hard and soft wood
• Min / Max and Hold functions for measured values
• Acoustic alarm function if user-defined limits are exceeded
• Automatic calibration during startup
• Indication of the device's temperature/ambient temperature
• Automatic cut-off of the device
• Power supply: 9 V dry cell or Ni-Cd accumulator (optional accessory)
• Size: 175 [L] x 50 [W] x 30 mm [H], weight approx. 170 g
• Total length: approx. 200 mm

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