Pole Mount Anemometer - Vortex-P-30

by Inspeed

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SKU Vortex-P-30
Rugged anemometer with dual digital display handles speeds from 3 mph to over 125 mph. Comes with exterior grade wire. The Pole Mount anemometer is great for home or mobile use where AC power is not available. Pole not included. Comes with 30 m of cable


- Unique head tilts flat for storage
- Water-resistant display can be used in heavy rain
- Multi-function display, in mph or km/h
- Displays Current Speed plus Average or Max speed at the same time.
- Comfortable Vinyl handle
- 3-cup rotor does not care which way the unit is pointed (unlike those little ones that must be pointed into the wind!)
- 4% accuracy from 10 to over 50 mph, good to over 100 (plus or minus a few tenths from 4 to 10 mph)-Low mass rotor is responsive to gusts


- Sensor type: 3-Cup rotor (Tilts flat for storage) with reed switch/magnet - provides 1 pulse per rotation
- Speed range: 3 mph to 125+ mph (5 kph to over 200 kph)
- Mounting bracket: Designed to be mounted on top of a pole or bracket with standard length of 25 feet (8 meters)
- Display: Cateye Brand Model Velo8 bicycle computer LCD
- Measure unit/functions: Max, Average, Km/Miles; select between ,ph, km/h or knots
- Rotor diameter: approx. 6 in (152 mm)
- Length: approx. 11 in (280 mm) overall, with the head tilted flat
- Width: approx. 6 in (152 mm)
- Thickness: approx. 3 in (76mm), with the head tilted flat

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