Cat III Multimeter with Temperature - QM1323


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SKU QM1323

• Data hold
• Relative measurement
• Woven nylon pouch with room for the meter and leads included

A budget-priced meter with everything you need - capacitance, temperature and 10A on AC and DC, compact and light weight with rugged moulded case.



Category:  Cat III 600V
Display:  4000 count
Basic DVC accuracy:  0.5%
DC voltage:  400mV,4V,40V,400V,600V (±0.5%)
AC voltage:  400mV,4V,40V,400V,600V (±1.2%)
DC current:  4mA,40mA,400mA,10mA (±2.5%)
AC current:   4mA,40mA,400mA,10A (±3%)
Resistance:  400R,4K,40K,400K,40M (±0.8%)
Temperature:  -20°C to + 760°C (±3%)
Capacitance:  40nF,4uF,40uF,100uF (±3%)
Frequency:  4kHz,40kHz,400kHz,4000kHz,10MHz(±1.5%)
Ave/RMS:  Ave
Dimensions:  138(H) x 68(W) x 37(D)mm

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