Shore A Digital Durometer 0 to 100Ha - SHOREA-01

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Shore A Digital hardness testers are used to measure the hardness of rubber and plastics according to ISO 868-1986 and ISO 7619 and can be use as portable or desktop. It has 8.1N total measure force, 1kg outside pressure, pressure needle top cone angle of 35°, 2.5mm needle length, 0~100HA dial scale and and features large LCD display for easy reading.

It corresponds and meet the rigorous standards of ISO 868-1986 for Plastics and Rigid rubber and ISO 7619 Rubber in measuring indentation's hardness as well as GB/T 531.1-2008 standard. Particularly in the materials technology hardness plays a huge role. The measured hardness of a body makes possible conclusions on its characteristics e.g. about how quickly it breaks or is being scratched.

Type A durometers is applicable to test the penetration medium hardness of rubber, plastic, leather, multi-grease, wax, etc.


- Wide measuring range with high resolution and ease of operation
- Hold Function, holds measured value in test
- With Zero setting
- Clear test value
- Dial Scale is 1-100HA
- High grade probe with 0-2.5mm Pointer journey
- Stress at the end of pointer: 8.1N
- Small in the dimension, lightweigt and can easily be transported
- 35º included angle with 0.5HA resolution
- Delivers ultra accurate reading with no guessing error
- Easy to read large LCD display
- Battery operated
- Passed and conforms with ISO 868-1986 & ISO 7619 international standards
- Comply with GB/T 531.1-2008 standard
- Maintenance-free digital display
- With CE Marking, conforms with European health & safety requirement
- Type A durometers is applicable to test the penetration medium hardness of rubber, plastic, leather, multi-grease, wax, etc.


- A minimum thickness of 6mm as sample test probes is recommended for measurement's optimal results (if its less you may add more layer but should be not more than 3 layers) and measuring point of at least 18mm distance from the outside edges.
- It is recommended that measurements be made with the type D durometer when the value is above 90 HA


- Resolution: 0.5HA
- Total measure force: 8.1N
- Outside pressure: 1kg
- Pressure needle top cone: angle of 35°
- Needle length: 2.5mm
- Flat cone point: φ0.79mm diameter
- Dial Scale: 0 to 100HA


- 1 x Shore A Durometer
- 1 x Instruction Manual
- 1 x Hard carrying case with hardened foam for maximum shock absorption while in transport

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