Battery Coolant Refractometer - 300014


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Measures the freezing point of automotive coolants in their current concentration as well as battery charge. Both ethylene glycol and propylene glycol antifreezes can be measured, on separate scales. Battery charge is measured on a third scale using just a few drops of battery electrolyte solution (battery acid). The specific gravity of the battery acid is displayed together with a reading of RECHARGE, FAIR, or GOOD. Comes with a hard carrying case and calibration tool.


Measuring range - Ethylene Glycol

• Range: 32-60°F
• Resolution: 10°F
• Accuracy: ±2°F

Measuring range - Propylene Glycol

• Range: 32-50°F
• Resolution: 10°F
• Accuracy: ±2°F

Measuring range - Battery Acid

• Range: 1.15 ~ 1.30 specific gravity
• Resolution: 0.01

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