Digital Refractometer for Measurement of Sugar in Wine (%Brix and %V V) - HI96813

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SKU HI96813

• The dual-level LCD displays measurement and temperature readings simultaneously
• Automatic Temperature Compensation for accurate measurements
• Easy measurement; place a few drops of the sample in the well and press the READ key
• BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings.
• IP65 water protection; built to perform under harsh laboratory and field conditions.
• Quick, accurate results, readings are displayed in approximately 1.5 seconds.
• Single point calibration with distilled or deionized water
• Small sample size, can be as small as 2 metric drops.
• Automatic shut-off after three minutes of non-use
• Stainless steel sample well, easy to clean and corrosion resistant
• ABS thermoplastic casing

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