GT235 Coating Thickness Gauge

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- Measures the thickness of non-magnetic coating on the magnetic metal substrate.
- Measures the thickness of the non-metallic coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate.
- Automatically identifying the non-magnetic metal substrate and magnetic metal substrate.
- Single measurement, continuous measurement and differential measurement available.
- Zero-point calibration, Offset Calibration and basic calibration available.
- Metric and imperial units of measurement optional.
- LCD backlight.
- Automatic shutdown.


- Measurement ranges: 0 to 1800m/70.8mil/1.8mm
- Resolution: (0.1um(<100um),1um(100um))/0.1mil/0.001mm
- Measuring error: 150um, 5m >150 um, (3%H+1um
- Minimum diameter of magnetic substrate: 12mm
- Minimum thickness of magnetic substrate:  0.5mm
- Minimum curvature radius of convex magnetic substrate: 2mm
- Minimum curvature radius of concave magnetic substrate: 11mm
- Minimum diameter of non-magnetic substrate: 50mm
- Minimum thickness of non-magnetic substrate 0. 5mm
- Operating temperature range: -20 to 40 (It is recommended to calibrate it again when use in different environments,  especially for large temperature difference)
- Operating humidity: 10 to 95%RH
- Power supply: 2*1.5V AAA batteries
- Overall dimensions:  62 x 27 x 121.5 mm
- Weight: 105.03g

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