Starter 300D Portable DO Meter -Starter300D-G

by OHaus

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The Starter 300D The ST300D Dissolved Oxygen meter features a crisp, well-organized LCD display with five clearly marked keys, memory for up to 30 measurements plus last calibration data, 1 or 2 point calibration at 0% or 100%, automatic or manual temperature compensation, temperature probe, IP54 protection and Galvanic DO electrode which eliminates warm up time associated with other DO electrodes


• The galvanic electrode can be used immediately after being powered on without the wait time typically associated with dissolved oxygen meters.
• With a simple calibration process, quick delivery of measurements and automatic temperature compensation, Starter 300D is both easy-to-use and accurate.
• The automatic or manual endpoints allow the user to easily recall the last calibration data and stored information with one quick touch.


• Application: Dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement
• Memory: Can store 30 measurement readings
• Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD)
• Operation: AC adapter (included)
• Communication: RS232
• Construction: ABS housing, wriststrap 

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